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Bill's Newscast: Public Water Meeting in Prescott

08 February 2016  
Water, water, everyone needs water.

Water will be the subject of a public meeting in Prescott. Back in November, the Arizona Town Hall entitled “Keeping Arizona’s water glass full” was held in Phoenix. From that discussion, recommendations were made, including moving forward with Arizona’s strategic vision for water supply sustainability and appropriately funding and staffing the Arizona Department of Water Resources. All recommendations will be discussed at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Wednesday. Scheduled speakers include Town of Prescott Valley Water Resources Manager John Munderloh and City of Cottonwood Economic Development Director Casey Rooney. Registration begins at 11:30 in the Student Union Building on Willow Creek Road with the program to begin at noon. Lunch is 10 dollars, but for those who choose not to eat, the program is free. For registration information, visit

The City of Prescott’s suspension on water service agreement applications could be in place a little longer. In November, City Council approved a 90 day suspension on applications, with some exceptions. Now Council is being asked to extend that suspension to April 5th. Applications that have already been received can proceed and be approved if all requirements are met. Applications for which the City is contractually obligated to supply water are also exempt. The Water Issues Committee will make a recommendation to Council, which will consider the extension on February 16th. The Committee meeting is at 9 tomorrow morning in the Lower Level Conference Room at City Hall, located on South Cortez Street.

The Northern Arizona Council of Governments wants to continue its partnership with Yavapai College. Since 1996, the Council has leased space on the Verde Valley campus for Head Start. This program serves more than 1600 children from zero to 5 years old in 28 Northern Arizona communities. The lease that was extended in 2011 expires on June 30th. Another 5 year extension would allow the lease agreement to remain in place through 2021. College Board members will consider this item as part of its voting session at 1 tomorrow afternoon in the Rock House, located on the Prescott campus on Sheldon Street in Prescott.

Dewey-Humboldt residents could have a few opportunities to get rid of some unwanted items free of charge. According to Town Manager Yvonne Kimball, Dewey-Humboldt had an agreement with Prescott Valley to participate in its Clean-Up Day. That agreement, which had been in place since 2008, has expired. Prescott Valley Town Attorney Ivan Legler has drafted a new agreement and Kimball is recommending the Town continue the relationship. Last year, Dewey-Humboldt’s cost was about 600 dollars with about thirty vehicles. In March 2014, the Town participated in the City of Prescott’s hazardous waste program. The cost was just over 91 hundred dollars with 57 vehicle visits. City officials have approached Town officials as to whether or not it wants to participate this year. If they do, a new agreement will be drafted. Dewey-Humboldt also had its own dump days, but they have been suspended. Council has the option to start them up again. Direction will be given on all future clean-up programs as part of its study session, which starts at 2 tomorrow afternoon in Council chambers, located on Highway 69.


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