Today: May 28 , 2020

Gas Prices are On the Rise

Gas Prices on the Rise

 Prices are going up at the pump. You knew it had to happen.

Prices are down another 4.5¢

Gas Prices: 67.1¢ Lower Than a Year Ago

Another drop of 8.8¢ this week. 
Another drop in prices this week.
Enjoy the low prices now while you can!

Another 4.7¢ Drop in Arizona Gas Prices

Prices continue to drop in Arizona.

Arizona Gas Prices Tumbled 6¢

Prices at the pump were decidedly lower.

Arizona Gas Prices See 4.1¢ Drop

Gas prices continue to drop in Arizona, although not as much as in some other states. 

Gas Prices Fell Slightly Last Week

Prescott prices drop by about 1¢
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