Today: Apr 03 , 2020

AZ Gas Prices Drop 5.5¢ Per Gallon

Gas prices are lower than they were a month ago.

AZ Gas Prices See a 7.4¢ Drop

Gas prices drop to below last year’s price.

AZ Gas Prices Drop 5.4¢

A welcome change at the pump.

Gas Prices Drop 3.5¢ in Last Week

A slight relief at the pump.

AZ Gas Prices Drop by 1.3¢

Arizona gas prices creep a little lower

AZ Gas Prices Fall 08¢

It’s nice to see a slight drop in gas prices.

Gas prices continue to rise in Arizona.

Gas prices are 35.4¢ higher than a month ago.

Arizona Gas Prices Rise 5.1¢

Gas prices continue their upward climb.

Arizona Gas Prices Up 4.9¢

Gas prices have shot up this month by 27.1¢.

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