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Currently playing at PCA Stage Too—ART

28 February 2019  

Modern, conceptual art is the center of this play.

ART is now playing at Stage Too, the Prescott Center for the Arts small stage theater, in the alley at 219 Cortez St.This stylish and comedic play explores the meaning of art and its effect on three close friends. The production includes a 30 minute pre-show Performance Artist event. While it is not absolutely necessary to be there for all 30 minutes it is quite interesting. It’s ok to walk around and find seats etc. during their performance.

The action of the play centers on a piece of “modern” or “conceptual” art which Serge has just bought and wants to display to his close friends Marc and Ivan. This sets off a series of arguments, discussions, and out and out fights between the three friends whose differing aesthetic sensibilities bring them to the brink.

The three actors, Jonathan Perch (Marc), James Pyduck (Serge) and Walton Mendelson (Yvan) perform an amazing feat—keeping the action going non-stop as they show their reactions to the art and to the reactions of each other.

Director Paul Epoch helped each actor to present his character with all their clashing and meshing personalities. The staging is interesting, there are no breaks and only minimal sets. The action proceeds quickly, in various combinations of the actors plus a number of lengthy asides when each actor explains himself directly to the audience. It all fits together seamlessly. Mr Epoch says he is grateful to be part of this incredible process, working with such dedicated and talented people.

One caveat—there is a good deal of bad language used in this play, and the themes are not ones that young children are likely to understand or care about.

ART was written by French actor and playwright Yasmina Reza. Originally in French it has been translated into at least 30 languages. It has won numerous awards world-wide and enjoyed an 8 year run on the London stage. It is easy to see why it is a popular item for community theater groups, since the staging is simple and as long as you have the required three really good actors, you are set to go.

Performances will be:

Thursday Feb 28, Mar 1, Mar 2, Mar 7, Mar 8, Mar 9 at 7:30 PM
Mar 3 & Mar 10 at 2:00 PM

Tickets for all performances are $17

Don’t forget the pre-show Performance Artists

By the way—The painting in question, by “Antrios” is being raffled off, tickets available at the door. 1 for $1 or 15 for $10. Proceeds go youth scholarships.