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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: December 13, 2016

13 December 2016  

It's a busy day at City Hall today. All the excitement starts at 1 PM.

Here's the schedule:
Study Session starts at 1 PM
Executive Session at 2 PM
Voting Meeting at 3 PM
Agendas and links below:

Study Session 



Agenda Packet



1. Roll Call


A. Review and discussion of City Contract No. 2017-149 with Buxton Company in the amount of $48,000.00 for a Retail Recruitment Assistance Tool and the Provision of Unique Visitor Spending Data in support of the City's Tourism Development Program

Council Memo Printout

1. City Contract No. 2017-149

Destination retailers, will help draw in businesses and tourism. 

Examples could be Costco and Trader Joe's. The more retailers that are attracted can help draw in shoppers from as far away as 50 miles. 

The tool utilizes realtime data, spending aggragated under zip codes. Unique to the industry. 

Also able to utilize spending data to document ROI on tourism and sales from outside city. 

Wilcox: Asks if they will be able to differentiate between local and non-local spending. Yes.

This program is only for Visa cards, even debit cards. Will be able to discern zip code and types of items purchased. 

Sischka asks if the information will discern information from communities, such as, Williamson Valley. 

Other communities have used the information, Sischka asks if they asked them for the effectiveness of the product. 

Other destination retailers: The container store, luxury vehicle resellers; 

Orr suggests that having most/all of it come from general fund is preferred.

Lazzell asks: What is the endgame here? 

Bring in retailers that would be additive, will also allow for advertising to be more targeted. 

Lazzell thinks that major retailers already know the communities they want to move to. They are the leading information to retail providers. 

It will allow the City of Prescott to be proactive. 

They use all credit card data, and purchase information. They are the only company that has transactional data from Visa. "We're not looking at any one thing, we're looking at a wide variety of sources of information," the Buxton rep explained.

Lazzell said that it would be a deal-breaker if it came out of the General Funds. 

Oberg thinks that understanding the environment for tourism is important. He asks what kind of reporting they will get - he wants at least a quarterly report. He also agrees that it should come out of bedtax money. 

They will move forward and bring to the voting agenda. 

B. Presentation of the City’s Stormwater Management Program, Federal and State rules, and current and future program activities

Council Memo Printout

1. MS4 Presentation to Council


•Watson Lake Reservoir Water Quality Data Monitoring Plan

•Granite Creek Watershed Monitoring Plan (October 2016)

Ongoing & On Schedule

•Water Quality & TMDL Regulatory Compliance Plan (April 2016)
– Draft in review

•Upper Granite Creek Watershed Model

•Watson Lake Reservoir Model

Final Steps…

Future Contract Amendment to be presented to Council

•Watershed Pollutant Reduction Plan

•Watson Lake Reservoir Management Plan

2016 MS4 Permit: 4 core components

Enforcement procedures and response plan

Storm Sewer System Mapping (GIS)

Analytical Monitoring implementation

Stormwater Management Plan revision 

The City will be going from 4 to 12 impaired waters. This will overwhelm the department beyond capacity when it happens. 


Documenting reductions in pollutant loads, working with Prescott Creeks and ADEQ.

Trying to "be smart in how they take on new requirements."

Suggests that stormwater fees may need to be put into palce.  

C. Overview of the Fleet Services Division, and discussion of the draft fleet management policy

Council Memo Printout

1. Fleet Services Division Presentation

The process takes about 6-8 months. 

They try to repurpose vehicles in various departments. 

Lazzell points out that his truck has well over 160K miles on it, but he's never spent $25K on repairs. 

The fleet needs to be continually evaluated to be right-sized.

They plan to develop a 10-year replacement schedule for the entire city. 

Lamerson asks for a cost-benefit analysis of having the Fleet Services Division. "How many dollars are we saving by having our own mechanics working on our vehicles?"

The following item was pulled for another meeting: 

D. Presentation and discussion of revisions to the commercial and residential trash and recycling services, and for transfer station disposal fees

Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5016-1554

2. Solid Waste Fee Schedule and Fee Projection


Executive Session



Agenda Packet



1. Roll Call




The City Council will meet with the city attorney for discussion and consultation of legal advice A.R.S. 38-431.03(A)(3)

1. Legal advice from the City Attorney regarding placement of a cell tower at 1958 Commerce Center Circle


Voting Session



Agenda Packet




Pastor Mike Gaston, Heights Church


Mayor Pro Tem Lamerson


A. Roll Call



A. Chamber of Commerce - Introduction of new businesses

The Chamber did not provide the names or information from new businesses, so we are unable to present them here.

Mile High Property Inspections is the only new member they introduced.

B. Prescott Airport Passenger Survey presented by students of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Determine the charactheristics of commercial air travel demand of the Quad-City Area.

Demand reliant upon: 

  • Total Travel Time
  • Flight reliability
  • Availability of preferred final destinations (primarily West Coast)
  • Consumer Preferences

766 people participated in the survey.

74% fly for leisure, whereas 26% fly for business purposes. They believe that people flying for business will decrease over time.

21% respondents were 18-27, and 51 of college students fly more than 5 times per year.



A. Approval of minutes for the City Council meetings held on November 8, 2016, and November 15, 2016

Council Memo Printout

1. November 8, 2016, Special Meeting Minutes

2. November 8, 2016, Study Session Meeting Minutes

3. November 8, 2016, Voting Meeting Minutes

4. November 15, 2016, Combined Study Session and Voting Meeting Minutes

B. Adoption of Resolution No. 4360-1569 approving an Intergovernmental Agreement (City Contract No. 2017-184) with the City of Phoenix for access to the Phoenix Business Intelligence System for tracking taxable activity in Prescott

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4360-1569

2. IGA with the City of Phoenix (City Contract 2017-184)

C. Approval for the Police Department Records Section to purchase a Sharp MX-5070N networked digital color copier using State Contract No. ADSPO16-114982 pricing in the amount of $10,031.57 from Sharp Business Systems, to include a monthly service option (City Contract No. 2017-199)

Council Memo Printout

1. Sharp Copier Quote

2. Sharp State Contract

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 4362-1571 setting the structured sober living home license application fee

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4362-1571

E. Approval of a license agreement with the Prescott Chamber of Commerce for the use of parking spaces in a City-owned lot, located directly south of the Chamber of Commerce building at 117 West Goodwin (City Contract No. 2017-178)

Council Memo Printout

1. License Agreement, City Contract No. 2017-178

2. Chamber Parking Map

F. Award of City Contract No. 2017-194 for the purchase of radio-read large water meters from Badger Meter, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in an amount not to exceed $29,595.15

Council Memo Printout

1. City of Glendale Meter Contract 10-2014

2. Contract Extension 10-2016

G. Award of City Contract No. 2017-195 to Metering Services, Inc., Tempe, Arizona to provide meter testing and repair services for water meters, 3-inch and larger in the amount of $30,000.00

Council Memo Printout

1. Tempe Contract 09-2014

2. Contract Extension 09-2016

H. Approval of Amendment No. 2 to City Contract No. 2012-063A2, with Mountain Bike America, LLC, dba Epic Rides, LLC, for the 2017 through 2019 Whiskey Off-Road Mountain Bike Events

Council Memo Printout

1. City Contract No. 2012-063A2

I. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-193 with American Management Association for customer service training in an amount not to exceed $22,000.00

Council Memo Printout

1. Professional Services Contract (City Contract No. 2017-193)

2. Intellectual Property Licensing and Pilot Agreement

3. Client Services Agreement City of Prescott

J. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-191 with Host Compliance, LLC, for Comprehensive Code Enforcement and Vacation Rental Services in the amount of $41,450.00

Council Memo Printout

1. Attachment A - Host Compliance Services Agreement

2. Professional Services Contract, City Contract No. 2017-191

3. Host Compliance - Competitive Bidding Requirement Exception

K. Adoption of Resolution No. 4369-1578 approving a Joint Use Agreement with Yavapai County Community College District for emergency use of Grace Sparkes Activity Center (City Contract No. 2017-188)

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4369-1578

2. IGA with Yavapai County Community College District (City Contract No. 2017-188)

L. Adoption of Resolution No. 4367-1576 authorizing Amendment No. 3 to the Intergovernmental Agreement with Yavapai County Community College District specifying rental conditions of the College's performing arts center (City Contract No. 2011-447A3)

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4367-1576

2. IGA Amendment No. 3 (City Contract No. 2011-447A3)

3. Attachment A to Amendment No. 3

M. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5020-1558 revising the City Code by adding Title II, Chapter 2-13, Section 2-13-1 re-instituting the Field and Facilities Services Department

Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5020-1558

N. Adoption of Resolution No. 4365-1574 regarding contracts with City Councilmembers and City employees for Fiscal Year 2017

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4365-1574

Motion passes unanimously, although Items D, H were pulled for individual consideration.

Item D:

Councilwoman Billie Orr asked if the fees were enough. 

First year $635, subsequent years $485. 

Staff says yes. 

Lamerson asks if there will be an inspection for health and safety concerns 

Item H:

Lamerson points out that when the Whiskey Off Road was begun, the City agreed to provide seed money to the event. But, he's asking when the funding should stop?

Lamerson points out that this is not a non-profit event, "I don't think the citizens of Prescott should be obligated every year to subsidize a private enterprise... It was to get it started, and then to stand on its own two feet."

Lazzell asks if the money was originally intended for a specific purpose? Yes, it was to be used for expenses and the purse. The total given would be $30K.

The contract has an automatic renewal.

The money comes from the bed tax. 

Blair asks if they are also providing services (road, police, fire, traffic control) at no cost? The answer is yes.

"I'm not wanting to turn the valve off on them today," Blair said, but would want Epic Rides to know that it may not continue indefinitely. 

Wilcox asks the economic impact, and that appears to be approximately $4M.

Joe Baynes said that they are positioning the city for another destination event in late October/November. 

Sischka has a problem with discriminating between non-profits/for-profits. "Ultimately, a non-profit has to make a profit to stay in business."

Orr states that the Tourism Advisory Committee wants to keep this event. "He knows that the council is looking at reducing this amount down the road."

"People not only come for the event itself... this event has been life-changing for the community," Orr said.

Lamerson points out that, "Everyone in this community benefits from tourism."

Orr points out that TAC is concerned about the council "nibbling away" at the bed tax.

City Manager Lamar suggests that the contract should be annual, not three-year. 

Oberg said that this event really starts off the tourism season, and notes that they have full hotels and busy restaurants. 

They are discussing whether or not Epic Rides might try to pull out of the event in the future. 

"They need to stand alone," Oberg says. 

Public Comments: 

Sandra Smith: Supports the suggestion that they go to a one-year contract and then decreasing the amount the city contributes. 

Blair moves to provide a one-year contract with the $30K.

Motion passes unanimously. 



A. Adoption of Resolution No. 4366-1575 supporting the continuation of Essential Air Service for Prescott Municipal Airport by Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd.

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4366-1575

Four flights/day to LAX, upgraded planes. Two more weekly flights to Denver. 

Staff recommends recognizing Great Lakes as a partner, FAA grants are only eligible in the amount of $150K until they fly 10K enplanements in a given year, then the FAA grant increases to $1M. 

Other opportunities for increases, including car rentals, fuel sales, etc. 

Blair recommends flying into Ontario for the 9-seater. 

Chuck Howell, President for Great Lakes is offering information. He said they will be launching a marketing program soon. They think 10K enplanements is a very achievable goal. 

Sischka asks, "When I fly this 30-seat plane, will I be able to hear myself think?"

He also asks if Great Lakes will help with marketing costs? 

Sischka suggests marketing to north Phoenix - it might be easier to drive up here. 

"We can get you there for less than the price of a speeding ticket," Howell states. 

"We're going all in on Prescott, we're committed... We know the traffic is here, we can help you build it."

Sischka asks about pricing. 

Great Lakes is a co-chair with United Airlines. 

They have the ability to check bags all the way through, even on other airlines such as American or Delta.

The 30-seater plane has an attendant and a bathroom! They will now keep extra planes here in Prescott in case of mechanical issues. 

The cost is $97 each way to LAX.

Motion passes unanimously. 


B. Public Hearing and adoption of Resolution No. 4359-1568 and Ordinance No. 5012-1550, regarding RZ16-004, for a proposed change of land use for property located at 903 Green Lane; amending the 2015 General Plan Land Use Map from Low-Medium Residential Density to Mixed Use; and amending the zoning from Single-Family 18 (SF-18) to Residential Office (RO) [Property owner: Catherine Miller Hahn Living Trust; APN: 116-06-060B; Acres: 0.54]

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4359-1568

2. Ordinance No. 5012-1550

3. Aerial Location Map

4. Applicant's Site Plan

5. Zoning Map

6. 2015 General Plan Land Use Map

7. WillowCreekCorridorStudy - Figure 10

8. Rezoning Opposition Letters

Person wants to adapt the current home to a duplex, and build another duplex for a total of 4 units. 

This would be consistent with the Willow Creek general plan. 

To pass, it will take a vote of 6/7 council members becaue there is a protest against the amendment, with over 50 people in opposition. 

Blair points out that he is concerned about the ingress/egress and the traffic management situation. 

Sischka is concerned about how many cars are parked in the unit right now. 

"I appreciate the 70+ letters received from the residents," Orr said. 

Comments in opposition: 100%

We can work Wilcox, "I think we should honor the General Plan and adopt the zoning in the plan."

Wes Stanfield: Thinks it is an intensive use. Driveways less than 125 feet from Willow Creek Road. Concerned about potential for recovery homes on the property. "We have good neighbors and we'd like to keep it that way."

Frank Hahn: Single residence home with mother-in-law quarters. Has always been a rental unit since he owned it. "The only responses I've gotten so far from neighbors is a flat 'no' - nothing we can work with."

Sischka thinks that there should be a mid-point of agreement of the parties. Wants the City to help find a mid-point to resolve this situation. 

Neighbor emphasizes, 'We are not against change, nor are we against property rights."

"We're not against Mr. Hahn, we're for our neighborhood," he said.

Another neighbor: The problem is with the corner.

Andrew Padoni: Next door neighbors to the property. Detrimental to us.

Dennis Gallagher: Discussing the intersection again. "The issue for us is the traffic."

Lamerson also sees the traffic issues. Suggests doing another look at this. "We have to take an objective view of everything there."

Motion for zoning change fails: 0-7

Motion for general plan fails: 0-7

C. Approval of a Special Use Permit (SUP16-002) for the installation of a cell tower at 1958 Commerce Center Circle; Site Zoning is Industrial Transition (IT) PAD; Property Owner is Soldwedel Ltd. Partnership; Site APN 106-18-345

Council Memo Printout

1. SUP16-002_aerial

2. Site Plan

3. Antenna Height

4. Photo Rendering

5. Public Correspondence

6. Comments received after Planning Commission Hearing

 This is essentially a repeat resolution, but the location has been moved slightly. This cell tower will be quite visible, and will not be disguised at all. 

Orr asks if the tower could be moved over to a location near Willow Lake Road. 


The Verizon representative does not think that would work. Discusses ridge line, views, proximity to homes.

One thing you won't hear discussed during this meeting are health issues. There are federal laws forbidding consideration of health issues with cell towers. Federal Telecommunications act of 1996. "No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environment effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission's regulations concerning such emissions."

Sischka asks if they are required to allow cell service. 

There is no requirement for this, however, the Verizon representative, Reg, is making the claim that it is a health and safety issue. 

"It is something that is needed, and they [Verizon] need to fulfill the requirements and serve this area."

Reg says this is the only site. 

A Basis parent is opposed to the location. She is concerned about the traffic, although truly I'm not sure how that relates. The tower will not drive a car.

Dana McCready: Lives across the street from the location. Still opposed, thinks it is an 'inadequate' site. The proposed height of 70 feet meets the street, but not the fall back situation, she explains. She said that it could fall and even catch fire. "I ask that you consider a prudent enforcement of the height requirements in the land development code."

Elise Rose: Thanks city staff for their hard work on this matter. Not in favor of this proposal. Suggests an independent expert consider the issue. Cites 14 tower collapses, 10 cell tower fires, and caused 6 deaths. Also discusses negative impact on property values. 

Mike Heffling: Needs to go outside to make their calls. "We are pleading for this tower."

Sischka would like a "more universal solution" for this issue. Asks if it will help Smoke Tree fire department, yes.

Council wants it to look like a pine tree. 

They ask Batallion Chief Don Devendorf if there is a genuine problem for the fire equipment. 

Passes 6-1 with the requirement of a "tree" look, Wilcox in dissent. 

D. Adoption of Resolution No. 4368-1577 approving the City Water Management and Calendar Year 2017 Alternative Water Allocation Policy

Council Memo Printout

1. Resolution No. 4368-1577

2. City Water Management and Calendar Year 2017 Water Allocation Policy

Motion passes unanimously. 

E. Approval to enter into contract negotiations with Eagle Management and Events, LLC, for planning and implementation of the 2017 Fourth of July Special Event (City Contract No. 2017-173)

Council Memo Printout

Went out for Request for Proposal, and sent to 19 firms, only received one proposal. 

Eagle Management has the best chance for success. Duration should be about 22 minutes for the fireworks. No city funding. 

Mayor Pro-tem Lamerson congratulates Joe Baynes for "weaning off" the 4th of July celebrations from tax payer dollars. 


F. Approval for allocation of Streets funding for the SR69 Safety and Widening Project, in an amount not to exceed $150,000.00

Council Memo Printout

1. State Route 69 Exhibit

 580 accidents, 4 fatalities. Yavapai County and the City will each pay $150K for the design, and NACOG will pay $650K towards the project. 

 Motion passes unanimously. 

G. Award of City Contract No. 2017-064 for Solid Waste Hauling Services to Fann Contracting in the estimated annual amount of $735,000.00

Council Memo Printout

No questions from the Council or public.

Motion passes unanimously. 


H. Approval of 19 Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and aftermarket parts contracts listed through the Strategic Alliance Volume Expenditures (SAVE) Cooperating Purchasing Group (City Contract Nos. 2017-123, 2017-126, 2017-127, 2017-128, 2017-129, 2017-130, 2017-131, 2017-132, 2017-133, 2017-134, 2017-135, 2017-136, 2017-137, 2017-138, 2017-139, 2017-140, 2017-141, 2017-146 and 2017-147)

Council Memo Printout

1. Attachment A, OEM/Aftermarket Parts Contracts List

Funding amount available $430K for parts. 

Motion passes unanimously. 


I. Ratification of payment for emergency snow plow edge purchase from Cutting Edge Supplies in the total amount of $38,622.95 (City Contract No. 2017-192)

Council Memo Printout

1. Cutting Edge Supply Quote dated October 24, 2016

They are going to test different cutting edges for snow plowing. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

J. Award of City Contract No. 2017-202 to J. Banicki Construction, Inc., for the Rodeo Grounds Arena Lighting Project in the amount of $266,142.00

Council Memo Printout

Will improve the Arena lighting. (Hooray!)

Milestone date: Construction to be complete at the end of March.

APS is contributing nearly $400K in kind to the project to help with the cost. The lighting will be LED now - it's been probably 50 years since it's been updated. 

Wilcox wants to defer it until there is a revenue source in place for PSPRS. 

Orr and Lamerson look at it as a safety issue. The City Attorney said that the Risk Pool has identified the wiring as a safety issue for the City. 

K. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5016-1554 amending City Code Chapter 7-4-25 (Solid Waste Fees)

Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5016-1554

2. Solid Waste Fee Schedule and Fee Projection

This was delayed, due to the fact that it was not discussed in the Study session. 


L. Approval of the City of Prescott's 2017 Legislative Agenda

Council Memo Printout

1. 2017 COP Legislative Agenda

This is a document that can be changed. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

Meeting adjourned. 



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