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Live Update of the Prescott City Council: November 15, 2016

15 November 2016  

It's the Live Update of the Prescott City Council meeting. Starts at 3 today. 

Agenda Packet 




Rev. Jay Wilcher, First Congregational United Church of Christ


Mayor Oberg


A. Roll Call



A. Proclaiming November 28, 2016, as Small Business Saturday

Read by Councilman Steve Blair


A. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-162 with Simpson Norton Corporation, for the purchase of one (1) ea. Toro ProCore 864 and one (1) ea. Toro Pro Sweep, using Mohave Educational Services Cooperative, Inc., Contract No. 15G-SNC-0824 pricing, in the estimated amount of $43,290.53

 Council Memo Printout

1. Toro Quotation, dated November 3, 2016

B. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5011-1549, accepting a sewer line easement from James 110 Investments, LLC, for sewer infrastructure for the Airport Trunk Main Project

 Council Memo Printout

1. Ordinance No. 5011-1549

2. Aerial Map

3. Map of Dedication Airport Trunk Main

C. Acceptance of Arizona Department of Homeland Security Grants in the amount of $37,600.00, and approval to purchase ten (10) ea. Ballistic Vests and eighteen (18) ea. Ballistic Helmets from FX Tactical, LLC, for the City's Police Department SWAT Team and Special Operations Bureau

 Council Memo Printout

1. BID AAG016-134240 tied to BID 16-00006308

2. State of Arizona - Bid Solicitation - 16-00006308


D. Approval to renew training grant from the Arizona Governor's Office for Children, Youth, and Families for sexual assault training in the amount of $16,900.00

 Council Memo Printout

Consent Agenda passes unanimously. 

Councilwoman Billie Orr spoke of her appreciation for the staff's efforts in obtaining the grants. 


A. Public Hearing and adoption of Ordinance No. 5010-1548 for a proposed amendment to Article 4, Sections, 4.9.3.B.5, and 4.9.3.F of the Land Development Code (LDC16-001); amending the density and dimensional standards for multi-family dwellings and residential setbacks in the Downtown Business District (DTB)

 Council Memo Printout

1. DTB District Boundary Map

2. Article 4 Section 4.9.3 & Section 4.9.3.F Downtown Business District - Proposed

3. Public Comment Letters

4. Chamber of Commerce Letter

5. Ordinance No. 5010-1548

Additional units could have been added if he had been able to add other amenities, ie: Open Space, gym, etc.

Wants to change zoning code to eliminate certain requirements which would allow for multi-family dwellings. 

Motion passed unanimously without comment. 

B. Adoption of Ordinance No. 5015-1553, authorizing amendments to Land Development Code Article 6, Section 6.12. Signs, changing the method of calculating permitted permanent and temporary signs for commercial and residential zoning districts

 Council Memo Printout

1. Sign Code Amendment 2016, strikethrough version

2. Ordinance No. 5015-1553

Wanted to ensure they are in compliance with recent US Supreme Court decision, and also to simplify it. 

Councilwoman Wilcox asks about banners that have been up for a long time downtown. She would prefer to prohibit banners altogether. "I think they are a blight and are visual clutter," Wilcox said. She thinks they should be mounted and set back from the street. 

Passes 6-1, Wilcox in dissent

C. Approval of City Contract No. 2017-182 with VenTek-International for the purchase of seven (7) parking pay stations, in an estimated amount of $101,470.00

 Council Memo Printout

A new paystation for Peavine Trail (North) and a second one for Watson Lake. 

2 at Watson Lake, 1 at Peavine Sundog, 1 at Peavine North, 1 at Goldwater Lake

Last year, over $252K was raised. 

The old machines are Windows-based and slower. These machines are much faster. Maintenance will be $895/machine annually. 

Passes unanimously. 

D. Award of City Contract No. 2017-172 to Asphalt Paving & Supply, Inc., for the Alarcon Streetscape Improvement Project, in the amount of $995,995.95

 Council Memo Printout

1. Vicinity Map, Alarcon Paving Project

To be done before Memorial Day. Will add additional parking spaces, bicycle improvements, better pedestrian safety. Making intersection tighter, more compact, stamped concrete for walkway. 

Blair asks for a plan the next time for projects like this. 

Motion passes unanimously. 

E. Award of City Contract No. 2017-176 to Selectron Technologies, Inc., for use of Interactive Voice Response System Software to manage all telephonic inspection requests for Building Safety, Public Works, Fire, and Code Enforcement inspection activities, in the amount of $181,440.00.

 Council Memo Printout

1. Selectron Technologies, Inc., City Contract No 2017-176

Call in line for community to request inspections. 

Motion passes unanimously. 


A. Presentation and discussion of comprehensive code enforcement service delivery process

 Council Memo Printout

"When it comes to adding personnel, I'd like to see data-driven decisions," said Michael Lamar.

This number would answer all phone calls: Sober Living Homes, Code Compliance, vacation rentals.

They want to try this, and take inventory of where they're going. 

"Right now, we're 100% reactive," Lamar said. 

The people picking up the phone are 'in the United States'. 

"I really appreciate the data that we'll get," Councilwoman Orr said. 

Lamar said they hope to be setting up things as 'proactive reminders'.

"This is a great idea, I think it's much more efficient," Wilcox said. She asks if the system will accept anonymous complaints. 

Paladini reminds the council that the goal is code compliance first, and code enforcement second. He also says that the data collected is a public record. 

The names of the complainant will be redacted, probably up to the point of court. 

The name and address of the complainant will be requested. 

The Code Enforcement secretary will provide a response to the complainant.

Will vote on it in December, wants to implement it by the 1st of the year. 

Daniel Mattson is concerned about anonymous complaints, thinks it opens up the door to mischief. 

Connie Contalme wants to keep the complainers' name anonymous. 

"There is a tightrope that we walk, when it comes to code enforcement," Paladini says. "We go through a very measured approach..."

Contalme suggests the idea of using outreach to help correct issues. 

Sandra Smith: Asks if they can talk about snow removal on sidewalks, too. 

Answer: In theory, yes. 

Lamerson and Billie Orr think that the idea of, "What can I do to help?" by neighbors is more effective than, "Hi, I'm here from the government."

Phil Goode asks for quarterly reports. 

B. Discussion and direction regarding customer service training options to reinforce a service-oriented City culture

 Council Memo Printout

1. City of Prescott quote

Michael Lamar is committed to 'customer service' on the part of the City of Prescott. 

This concept arose from the Strategic meetings. 

The prpoised training will come from the American Management Association. 

Two options: 

Train the Trainer - 20 people total with 10 being prepared as trainers. 

$16,150 ($4200 come from General Fund)

Train the Trainer - 100 people, with 10 being prepared as trainers. 


$20K was identified from being budgeted for strategic planning, but Barry Aarons did that at no additional cost. 

C. Presentation and discussion of GPREP funding options

 Council Memo Printout

Business development is dependent on tourism, Lamerson postulates. He thinks that the GPREP funding should come from the Tourism fund. 

"I cannot support expending the funds from the General Fund for this expenditure," Lamerson said.

Paladini pointed out that they don't do retail recruitment, they do recruitment for employment, light industrial type recruitment. GPREP is the opposite of tourism promotion. 

Blair asks if GPREP will take the position of Jeff Burke? No. Lamar asks if they want to possibly contract the services out?

Billie Orr thinks it's a return on investment and understands why it should not be tied to the bed tax.

Orr likes the idea of looking at a different model. She points out that the Chamber is different, in that they're a membership group. 

Wilcox asks if streets, water and sewer funds could be used. 

Paladini suggests that it could add customers to water, sewer and solid waste, maybe... Some of it. 

"My objection isn't to the $40K... We know it's a good thing... We need to try everything possible that we can not to tap the General Fund... I'm trying to look for a little more creative financing, so to speak," Lamerson said. 

For this year, they will find it in the General Fund out of salary savings. Lamar does not plan to immediately fill the openings of the Deputy City Manager and the Economic Development Manager. 

Lamar asked if they want him to advance the concept that they should expand the vision to possibly include tourism. 

Sischka isn't sure that it is justifiable or realistic. "That's not what they do."

Blair disagrees. 

Orr mentions that the Tourism Advisory Committee is very concerned about nickel-and-diming the Bed Tax. 



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