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Wilhoit Man Arrested for Cyber Stalking & Child Exploitation

07 July 2016  

Cyber Stalking and Child Exploitation – A lesson for Parents based on a Recent Arrest by YCSO

The case shared below should serve as an example to parents and guardians that monitoring the social media activities of your children at any age is CRITICAL. Never assume things are ok without checking social media accounts unannounced and talking with your child/teen about cyber safety. Law Enforcement has seen numerous cases like this around the country and many result in tragedy when the stalker arranges personal contact with his victims. As in this case, young victims will often hide the relationship with stalkers either out of fear of the suspect or to avoid discovery and punishment by parents. Encourage children to report online contact with ANYONE they do not know and that any curiosity with such persons can be dangerous. 

An excellent resource guide provided by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office is attached to the email with this media release. A copy of the guide is also available for download at in the News and Events section on the home page. Please take the time to review the information and share with those you care about. 

  *** This case began in late 2011 and involved a 12-year-old female victim residing on the east coast. On one occasion the victim used a website that allowed her to sing via a live web cam and perform for an online audience. A man, eventually identified as Ronald Marvin Brock from Wilhoit, Arizona, was on the live feed and began communicating with the victim via private online messaging. Brock is currently 40-years-old and was 35-years-old when the contact was initiated although he told her he was 28-years-old. In early 2012, the victim provided phone contact numbers to the suspect and they began to exchange text messages, including photos. Brock soon demanded nude photos of the victim and told her if she did not comply, he would travel to her residence and hurt her family. Out of fear, she sent nude photos to Brock. The two also ‘friended’ each other on Face Book. 

As the online relationship continued, Brock continued to demand nude photos of the victim and if she did not keep providing photos, he threatened to post earlier nude photos he now possessed on Face Book. So, the victim continued to send photos. Local authorities in the victim’s home state were contacted in 2013 once parents discovered the relationship and began an investigation. After determining that Brock may have a residence in Yavapai County, YCSO detectives were notified. Around this time, authorities in the victim’s home state learned that Brock had been calling the victim’s home continuously for hours and would never say anything. The family expressed concerned for their safety to local law enforcement. Authorities from the victim’s home state eventually contacted Brock by phone to demand he cease all contact with the victim. He said he would, but refused to discuss the case. 

Authorities in the victim’s home state maintained the primary lead in the investigation conducting interviews and gathering evidence from victim’s various electronic devices. Throughout 2013 and early 2014, detectives from the victim’s home state maintained contact with YCSO detectives and shared updates and evidence from the investigation. An attempt to locate Brock in 2014 at a home in Wilhoit was not successful.  In 2015, YCSO began an active investigation working with the originating police agency. YCSO detectives determined evidence of Brock’s involvement with the victim would likely be located at his home. Once his address was verified, detectives obtained a search warrant and on June 21, 2016, the warrant was served and Brock was arrested. 

YCSO detectives learned that Brock coerced the victim to perform sexually for him on video chat services. The victim also verified that even though Brock eventually learned she was in fact under the age of 15, he continued to demand she perform sexually for him online. 

Brock told YCSO detectives he avoided further contact with the victim after being contacted by law enforcement in her home state. Brock admitted setting up a fictitious Face Book page using the victim’s identity and posting provocative pictures of her because he was angry with her behavior. 

Brock has been charged with Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child and remains in custody on a $1 million bond. 

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website:

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