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Breaking: Local School Grades Average At About 'B' Level

04 August 2014   Lynne LaMaster

In the annual State Board of Education report, released today, local schools in the Prescott area have an overall average of about a "B" level.   

Abia Judd received the only "A" grade in the Prescott Unifed School District. The lowest grade was received by Lincoln Elementary School, which received a "C" grade. The other schools, including, Miller Valley School, Taylor Hicks School, Washington Traditional School, Prescott Mile High Middle School, Granite Mountain Middle School and Prescott High School all received a "B" grade. 

Nearby charter schools were also graded. Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy received a "B" grade. Mountain Oak Charter School received an "A". Skyview received a "B" grade. Tri-City College Prep High School received an "A". 

In Bagdad, both Bagdad Elementary School and Bagdad High School received "B" grades. 

In the Humboldt Unified School District, Humboldt Elementary School received an "A". On the other end of the scale, Glassford Hill Middle School received a "D*". The "*" indicates that the grade is under appeal. Bradshaw Mountain Middle School brought home a "C" on its report card; while the other schools, Lake Valley Elementary School, Mountain View Elementary School, Coyote Springs Elementary School and Liberty Traditional School all brought home a "B".

Chino Valley Unified Schools had a solid "B" on their report cards, including Del Rio Elementary School, Heritage Middle School and Chino Valley High School. 

Mayer High School and Mayer Elementary School both rated a "D". 

Ashfork Joint Unified School District was ranked #1 in Arizona with an A grade and total points of 165. Both the Ash Fork Elementary School and the Ash Fork Midle School scored quite high, earning "A's". However, the Ash Fork High School scored an overall "C". 

According to the information presented by the State Superintendent's Office, "A-F letter grades are based on the weighting of student performance on the AIMS tests and student academic growth from year to year, along with additional points awarded for high English Language Learner reclassifications, and significant reductions in dropout rates. Every school and district receives a report card with a grade that reflects their annual academic profile."