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Breaking News: Plane Accident at Gunsite, 4 Fatalities

04 October 2013  

Paulden Plane Crash

At 12:28 PM, YCSO deputies responded to the report of a plane down on the Gunsite firearms training academy property in Paulden, Arizona. Witnesses saw the plane clip some trees and then appear to explode on impact. It is our best information that 4 persons were killed in the crash.

The plane has been identified as a Cessna 340, 6 passenger aircraft. The FAA has related that the plane departed Bullhead City, Arizona, earlier today. Initial reports on site indicate the plane was expected to land at the Prescott Airport and those on board were scheduled to arrive at Gunsite later in the day. We have not determined why the aircraft was in the area over Gunsite prior to arrival at the Prescott Airport.

Some witnesses also indicated the plane may have struck a radio tower on the Gunsite grounds which may be a causal factor in the crash.

FAA and NTSB officials have been notified.

Identities of those on board have not been confirmed and will be delayed until next of kin notifications have been completed.

Citizens can contact the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office with information or questions at 928-771-3260 or the YCSO website:


 This image looks across  to the area where the aircraft likely had contact with trees. Photo by Dwight D'Evelyn.


131004 001

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP

131004 002

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP

131004 004

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP

131004 003

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP

131004 007

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP

131004 006

Photo by Matt Santos/MSP




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