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YEI and Fann Contracting - A Long, Fruitful Relationship

13 April 2013   Tara Fort

Fann Contracting has been working with YEI since 1984.

To commemorate the 30-year relationship between Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) and Fann Contracting, YEI! recently presented a plaque to the 53-year old contracting business honoring the spirit of Fann's ongoing commitment and consistent collaboration with YEI! over the years: "Moving Mountains for YEI".

The unique relationship between YEI! and Fann Contracting began in 1984 when founder Jim Fann and crew surprised YEI! to pave the entire parking lot at the Washington Avenue headquarters, at that time the only YEI! facility in Prescott and its surrounding areas. Fann Contracting's dedication to YEI! was proven yet again when crews prepared a 5.5 acre parcel for Antelope Point, YEI!'s facility in Prescott Valley. Boundless in their mission, Fann also prepared the rolling hillsides at the north end of Washington Avenue in Prescott in order to make way for the construction of YEI!'s men's and women's group homes which have been serving residents there since 2005 and 2008, respectively. Most recently, Fann Contracting hired a "Production Technician" from YEI! to help with equipment maintenance on their fleet of vehicles. As a model customer for YEI! Fann further supports the woodshop at Ruger Airpark Industries where they purchase stakes, hubs and lathe that is produced at that facility.

Over the years, Fann has continued to support the efforts of YEI! through their generosity and endeavors. To solidify and deepen their current existing relationship, Fann Contracting formed FEMAD: Fann Employees Making A Difference. Spearheaded by Kerri Vaughn, Fann's Charitable Contributions Administrator, employee funds are matched by Fann through a payroll deduction program that allows those funds to benefit several area agencies, including YEI!. At the end of 2012, FEMAD had contributed approximately $265,500 to seven local organizations since the program's inception in 2006. With a motto like "Valuing our past and caring about the future is what shapes everything we build today," Fann Contracting truly embodies the spirit of giving to YEI! and other organizations and residents in the area.

Yavapai Exceptional Industries (YEI!) is a charitable organization founded in 1974 to support adults with disabilities. YEI! has been providing job training, employment, volunteer placements, and support services for these developmentally disabled adult residents of the cities and towns of the Central Highlands. Their program of "Developmental Employment" includes the award-winning "Community Contribution Corps" (community volunteer placements) and has been continually accredited at the highest level of service by the National Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) since 1978.

If you would like to know more about how to become involved with YEI!, or how to utilize their crews for tasks that would benefit your industry or organization, visit Be a part of the solution and make a difference in the every day lives of those who are supported by the efforts of YEI! and its extended community within Arizona and beyond.