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Gosar, Flake Vote No, But 'Fiscal Cliff' Legislation Passes

02 January 2013  

Gosar and Flake cite out-of-control spending not addressed in the bill

The bill to avert what is being called the 'fiscal cliff' passed in the House of Representatives tonight, by a margin of 90 votes - 257 to 167.

The Arizona delegation split along party lines, with the Republicans all voting 'No' and the Democrats all voting 'Yes'.

Quickly after the vote, Representatives Paul Gosar and Jeff Flake released statements explaining their position.

Representative Paul Gosar:

"Tonight I kept my promise to the people of Arizona to make the right choice even when it's not the popular choice. The bill passed tonight raised taxes $41 for every $1 cut; this is not how we get our nation back on track. Those of us who voted for the Budget Control Act which allowed the debt ceiling to raise in exchange for meaningful cuts learned tonight, as President's Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush once learned, that promises for future cuts rarely if ever come. I remain committed to solving our nation's problems now, not a month from now, not a year from now but now. This "deal" does not do that and therefore I could not vote for it."

Gosar went on to say, "As a healthcare provider I understand the significance of a patient acknowledging that they have a disease. It is only with this recognition that they can fully participate in their own treatment and overcome it. Our nation has developed an illness - out of control spending, borrowing and taxing. Simple economics and common sense give us the cure. However, before we can start treatment for our addiction we as a nation have to recognize that we are sick and be willing to stop. Tonight's vote is a painful reminder that many still aren't willing to see the constant decline in our nations fiscal health and well being."

Representative (Senate-elect) Jeff Flake:

"In the twelve years I've been voting in the House, it has been a rare occasion when I have agreed with all aspects of a bill. That's the nature of the legislative process. Sometimes you just have to plug your nose and vote for bills that, on balance, take you in the right direction. I wish I could do that tonight, with what is likely to be my last vote in the House.

"To be sure, this bill has some good parts. It takes what have been temporary tax cuts for the vast majority of taxpayers and makes them permanent. But it fails to address the root of our nation's number one problem - overspending. In fact, it makes the situation far worse. If taxes are going to be raised on anybody, you would think the resulting revenue would be used to address our debt and deficit, not make it worse. Yet that's what we are doing here.

"I'm voting no."


Lynne LaMaster

Lynne LaMaster is the Founder and Editor of the eNewsAZ Network of websites. She asks a lot of questions! In her spare time, she loves photography, cooking and hanging out with her family.