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Tentative Agreement with Potential New City Attorney Jon Paladini

16 December 2012  

Jon Paladini will be coming straight from Afghanistan.

The City of Prescott has announced a tentative agreement with Jon Paladini, of Phoenix, Arizona to become the newly appointed City Attorney.

Paladini has a wide and varied experience as an attorney. He attended Calistoga High School in Northern Californa, and got his BS in Journalism from the University of Oregon. He attended the American Public University, where he focused on Homeland Security/Terrorism Studies, and got his JD from the University of Miami School of Law.

He started out in private practice with the firm Snell & Wilmer/Squire Sanders & Dempsey in Phoenix. He was the Assistant City Attorney for Sedona from 1996-1999, and became the Municipal Attorney for the City of Glendale from 2001-2007. After that, Paladini opened a solo private practice in the Phoenix area.

But, during all his time practicing law in Arizona, Paladini also served in the National Guard. As a matter of fact, he's in Afghanistan right now, where he serves as a Judge Advocate, also known as a JAG.

As one of the attorneys featured in the Arizona Attorney magazine article titled, "Officer of the Court," Paladini says, "Being a JAG officer allows me to serve the community and the country."

His LinkedIn page describes it like this, "The broad range of issues that a military attorney must handle translates easily into many areas of civilian law -crimina law, general government law, procurement, ethics, real estate transactions, land use, public records, and environmental law to name a few. The edge, however, lies not necessarily in the breadth and depth of experience a military attorney can provide, but rather in the work ethic, the idea of selfless service, the leadership abilities, the loyalty and the fierce passion he brings which is rarely found in his civilian counterparts. Having served at home and overseas, in peace and at war, during natural disasters and man-made trauma, I can provide outstanding counsel, leadership, integrity and confidence to any civilian position."

He was called to active duty by the Arizona National Guard as the fulltime Staff Judge advocate in October, 2010.

In January Paladini became the Senior Justice Advisor to the U.S. Army NATO Rule of Law Field support Mission, where he provided field support to rule of law efforts as requested by the Afghan authorities and even international providers. He was the Officer-in-Charge at the Afghan National Justice Complex - that is where the Afghan national security court and the forensics academy is housed.

Paladini explains, "The NJC is a civilian court crated to prosecute insurgents captured on the battlefield. The court is 100% Afthan - judges, prosecutors and defense council. The forensics academy is the only one of its kind in Afghanistan, and teaches DNA analysis, latent print examinations, firearms/ballistics and document exploitation and crime scene investigation. As OIC, I led over 60 military and civilian personnel in all court operations including justice delivery, court administration, security, and the training, mentoring and assistance program."

But, in August, his career took a slightly different turn when Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina requested Paladini be assigned as the Officer-in-Charge to a special assessment team to conduct a feasibility study of replicating the success of the NJC in other areas of Afghanistan.

Paladini will be returning to the US in January of 2013.

According to the tentative agreement between Paladini and the City of Prescott, Paladini will assume the position of City Attorney on February 4, 2013.

"I hope that [I] can serve the City and citizens of Prescott well," Paladini said in a brief LinkedIn message to eNewsAZ. 

Additional information will be provided by the City on Monday.

Seen on Paladini's Facebook page.

Lynne LaMaster

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