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Making A Difference, Prescott-Style: Fann Employees Give Back in 2014

19 December 2014   Kerri Vaughn

FEMAD awards over $35K to local nonprofits

Prescott, AZ: Nine years ago, when president Mike Fann kicked off Fann Contracting, Inc.’s new charitable giving program, Fann Employees Making A Difference (FEMAD), his goal was simply to encourage his employees to join him in giving back to our local communities.

“When we developed this companywide initiative we knew it would be rewarding for our employees to participate in,” said Fann, who matches every employee contribution dollar-for-dollar. “It truly is amazing, year after year, how the Fann employees have stepped up to help some of the best non-profits in the community. I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing group of people who really care about our community and give back to those who are less fortunate.”

Fann has good reason to be proud of his employees, as FEMAD will distribute a total 2014 contribution of $35,086.00 among seven local nonprofit organizations – bringing the total of the nine year program to more than $335,972 gifted to area charitable groups through FEMAD.

Fann commented on how the year has been difficult on the non-profits in our community and how he hopes more businesses can reach out this coming year to help. “We’d be happy to show any business owner how to develop a program like ours. It’s really not hard to implement - and most importantly, it works and is cost-effective.”

Each year, the Charitable Contributions Committee at Fann helps determine the charities that will receive funds raised. Local nonprofits being awarded 2014 FEMAD contributions are: Catholic Charities, which provides family, marital and individual counseling and emergency aid; CCJ (Coalition for Compassion and Justice) which provides vital services, education and advocacy for those who living in poverty; Prevent Child Abuse Arizona, which promotes programs to ensure that all children grow up in safe, healthy environments; Stepping Stones, a 24-hour shelter and support resource for women and children in crisis; United Way of Yavapai County, provides programs based on solid ground in the foundation areas of health, education and income; West Yavapai Guidance Clinic, Inc., a community health center providing addiction treatment for adults; and YEI!/Prescott Charities, where disabled Prescott-area adults receive job training, employment and support.

“Fann employees make a difference everyday through their support of the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center. The hundreds of victims of family violence we help to become survivors are the direct recipients of Fann employees generosity year round,” stated Becky Ruffner, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona.

”This program is an example of what can happen when a company empowers its’ employees to support LOCAL organizations whose services they believe are truly making a difference in the well being of this community. We are humbled and honored that year after year, FEMAD chooses Stepping Stones as one of those organizations. This generous gift helps to ensure that our services to women and children remain available 24/7/365 as long as this community needs us to be here.” stated Robin Burke, Director of Stepping Stones Agencies.

Every employee who signs up to join FEMAD selects the total amount that he or she wants to give, and can choose either weekly payroll deductions or a one-time deduction from a single paycheck on an employee-specified date. FEMAD participants even determine how their individual contributions are disbursed. An employee can choose to give that donation to just one charity, or split the total among several or all seven nonprofits on the list.

Fann Contracting, Inc. and FEMAD, its affiliate employee charitable contributions program, actively support local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations in an effort to make a difference to Prescott and surrounding communities in Yavapai County. Business owners who want to learn more about how to establish a program like FEMAD may contact Kerri Vaughn at 928-778-0170.

Photo: L to R Back Row: Eliza Louden, Catholic Charities Homeless Veterans Program; Laura Norman, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic;
Ginger Johnson, Stepping Stones Agencies; Mike Fann, Fann Contracting; Becky Ruffner, Prevent Child Abuse, Siri Michel-Midelfort,
Yavapai Family Advocacy Center, Carmen Stewart, Yavapai Family Advocacy Center.
L To R Front Row: Lynne Sansom, West Yavapai Guidance Clinic; Kerri Vaughn, Fann Conttracting;
Darla DeVille, United Way of Yavapai County, Jean Littlehale,Catholic Charities; Gail Kenny, CCJ.