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The Backroom: Blowdrying Tips for Beautiful Hair

16 April 2015   Sonya Brinkhurst

Blow-drying tips from a local, professional hairstylist

Everyone loves getting their hair blown out by their favorite hairstylist, but how can YOU achieve something that even comes close to that at home you ask? Well, I’m here to give you a few of my tips & tricks to make that happen for you! Please watch this quick video on some of the tools & products you will need before you get started.

Here’s a before pic of my client who has come in to the salon to learn how to get better results when blow-drying at home. Notice that she has some frizzies and her hair also
tends to flip. I started by shampooing her hair with a salon quality shampoo & conditioner.


I love Kevin Murphy products so I used the Hydrate Wash and Rinse because everyone needs some moisture in Arizona. I would then apply  Morrocon Oil Root Boost at the roots to towel dried hair. I also recommend Kevin Murphy’s Smooth Again to help with frizziness and to achieve a smooth, shiny blow-out. It helps to repair the hair while giving you total thermal protection from heat styling. You will want to dry your hair with your fingers until it’s about 75% dry, pulling your hair up away from your scalp to create lift. 

Next I would start drying with a round brush from underneath, holding the top section away with a clip. I would use a boar bristle round brush if you have issues with frizziness, or an ionic ceramic round brush if you want more volume and curl on the ends. The smaller the diameter of the brush the tighter the curl. Start at the root & pull around & down around the brush, making sure to hit it with a “cool shot” to set the style.

Continue around the head until you get to the crown or top of your head. It will be a bit tricky until you get the hang of it; but the more you do it the better you will get. It can be a bit of an arm workout! Perhaps even changing to your nondominant hand on the opposite side will prove to be rewarding! Once you are at the crown of the head, you may want to switch to a ceramic ionic brush. It will give you more volume, lift, & curl because it heats up to set the curl. You’ll also want to “over-direct” the position of your brush to create more volume. Don’t forget to hit it with a “cool shot” to set the curl.

Once you have completed the blow-out of your dreams, you’ll want to hold the style with a lightweight hairspray. My favorite is the Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray. It will give you hold & shine, but is soft to the touch not like helmet head.


And here’s the end that has volume, bounce, shine, and smoothness!! Trust me, having the right tools and products WILL make a difference. Try it for yourself and then I can say “I told you so”. LOL! ; ) Happy Hairstyling from The Backroom @ Livy Lou’s.


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