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Free Screening of 'Fail Safe' Documentary

09 August 2018   Helen Stephenson

Yavapai College offers free screening of Fail State documentary at Prescott and Verde Valley Campuses

Remember the sub-prime lending crisis?

It’s back … and it’s going to college.

Yavapai College is holding free screenings of the documentary film Fail State, exposing the predatory practices of the for-profit college industry and their impact on individual students. Executive produced by former CBS News icon Dan Rather, Fail State will air Tuesday, August 14, at 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. at the Yavapai College Performing Arts Center in Prescott; and Wednesday, August 15, at 6 p.m., in room M-137 on the YC Verde Valley Campus in Clarkdale.

Patrons of the Prescott Film Festival will remember Fail State, which aired here in June to rave reviews and high viewer scores. Fail Safe investigates the dark side of American higher education, examining how decades of Washington policy decisions gave rise to a powerful and highly predatory for-profit college industry. With echoes of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, Fail State chronicles how for-profit colleges exploited millions of low-income and minority students – leaving them with worthless degrees and drowning in student loan debt.

Director Alexander Shebanow traces the fall, rise and resurgence of the for-profit college industry, uncovering its Wall Street backing and its incestuous relationship with lawmakers and regulators charged with overseeing it.

Anyone attending college, working with college-bound students, or anyone with children or grandchildren considering post-secondary education should see Fail State.

All of YC’s Fail State screenings are free. The Yavapai College Performing Arts Center is located at 1100 East Sheldon Street in Prescott. The YC Verde Valley Campus is located at 601 Black Hills Drive, in Clarkdale. For further information on the screenings, please contact YC Film & Media Arts Director Helen Stephenson at (928) 649-4284 or