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Local Schools Receive Preliminary Grades from State Board

09 October 2017  

A press release was sent out today by the State Board of Education on the posting of preliminary A-F grades issued to Arizona Schools.

It's only a preliminary assessment, but the average grade of local schools is a 'C'.

Some schools, such as Tri-City Prep received an 'A' rating. One, Mountain Oak School, got a 'D' grade. But most of the schools received B's and C's.

There are a few schools, such as Prescott High School and Basis Prescott that received an "Under Review" rating - further information on those schools will be forthcoming.

In the meantime, this is a new rating system, and is still under evaluation. It will be analyzed this fall and final grades will be issued at a later date.

Here is the announcement from the State Board of Education:

PHOENIX • The State Board of Education (SBE) today posted preliminary school year 2016-2017 letter grades on its website.

"A number of factors have led the SBE to post preliminary letter grades. Since the adoption of the A·F School Accountability Plan, the SBE has determined the federal Every Student Succeeds Act requires revisions to the Plan , induding the removal of science data from proficiency measures. Also, the College and Career Readiness Indicator must be revised to include all seniors, not just graduating seniors. Most importantly, the 2016-2017 A·F Accountabiity Plan is a new plan that must include additional time for field validation and data review.

"Preliminary letter grades are posted in one of three categories:

"In its September 25, 2017 Board Meeting, the SBE initiated a review process that induded the use of public comment and school feedback as well as the creation of a new standing Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Members of the committee will report directly to the SBE and these members will have expertise in the data analysis related to K-12 student achievement from all types of school configurations.

"In the next three months, the Board will engage in an iterative process with the TAC to conduct ildependent analyses of data, based on public input, for potential revisions to the A-F Accountability Plan. At the December Board meeting, the SBE will provide policy and technical guidance to the TAC for modeling needed to finalize Plan revisions. Final letter grades for school year 2016-2017 will be subsequently issued and a timeline for appeals of the final letter grades will be announced."

Local School Preliminary Grades


Bagdad Elementary School A
Bagdad Middle/Senior High School Under Review

Chino Valley Unified School District

Del Rio Elementary School B
Heritage Middle School B
Chino Valley High School C

Humboldt Unified School District

Bradshaw Mountain Middle School C
Coyote Springs Elementary School. B
Glassford Hill Middle School. C
Granville Elementary School. B
Humboldt Elementary School. A
Lake Valley Elementary School. C
Liberty Traditional School. A
Mountain View Elementary School C
Bradshaw Mountain High School B

Prescott Valley Charter Schools

Franklin Phonetic Primary School B
Canyon View Prep Academy A
Prescott Valley School Under Review

Prescott Unified School District

Abia Judd B
Granite Mountain Middle School C
Lincoln Elementary School B
Prescott Mile High Middle School B
Taylor Hicks School. B
Prescott High School Under Review

Prescott Charter Schools

Acorn Montessori Charter School A
Basis Prescott Under Review
La Tierra Community School C
Mountain Oak Charter School D
Northpoint C
Skyview School B
Tri-City A

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