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Packages for the Troops: Cookies, Jerky and More

08 May 2009  

Over 2000 handmade cookies, 1,000 cards and letters - that's what was sent to our soldiers overseas.


What a joy to be doing our 3rd troops drive with our students!

"Over 2000 handmade cookies, over 1,000 cards/pictures, hundreds of Beef Jerky bags and thousands of smiles... that's what the 3rd annual Troops Drive in Prescott accomplished! With over 20 volunteer students, this "packing party" was highlighted by the appearance of an active Reserve Officer Rachell McDowell. She helped us sign customs forms and pack boxes for hours.

Bridgette Hahn, with APS, has watched this endeavor from afar and decided to be "hands on" this year. She said, "It's incredibly special to see our students--future leaders--read letters written by hundreds of students and make comments about the insight of these elementary kids. Yet, these were the students,who through teardrops, were helping spearhead this entire event. I am humbled by their passion to keep this going. APS has been a part of this for several years and continues to offer personal contributions to help these kids get the boxes shipped."

We are proud that this drive was "different" than others. Instead of giving the troops what was "easy and maybe needed," we gave them what they wanted... much harder to make (cookies); expensive (beef jerky); and more thought-provoking (over 1000 hand written letters, drawings and more).

One student said to me, "It's hard to believe that people will risk their lives for freedom. But, I'm glad they are. And, I'm going to say thank you."

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