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Break-In at Northpoint

24 March 2009  

A break-in at Northpoint created a big mess and left a fair amount of damage.

Cabinet doors in the nurse's office were torn off their hinges.
A break-in at Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy (NELA) occurred over spring break. The unknown suspects broke windows, pried open cabinets and doors and left the contents of drawers scattered across rooms.

According to school Director Geneva Saint-Amour, she was out of town when she received the following email from one of the Northpoint teachers, "...I went to NELA today to pick something up and found that we have been vandalized. Point of entry was Andy's [Smith] small window in the corner opposite the door. That seems to be the extent of the damage there.

"The front office, Geneva's [Saint-Amour], and Ramie's [Liddle] have all been entered, and searched, creating a mess but no damage. The nurse's office has the most damage, all the doors taken off cabinets by force...looking for drugs? The store was open, too, but there are lots of shirts still there.

"Alex [Edelmann's] and Randee's [Dermer] door glass is smashed, and desks, cabinets and files gone through. Sidney's [Shepherd's] cabinets and desk have been gone through. In Randee's room, they left a message, something like "Shagy was here and robbed you, and I go to this school, too." and "Violent J...Do you know who I am?" Both messages were left on the whiteboard (in white board marker) so again, no real damage."

As the staff spent their spring break cleaning up after the mess, they found that some items had indeed been stolen, including a faculty member's Ibuprofen, a small amount of cash, and a variety of gift cards. Yet, other items of greater value, such as laptops, were left behind.

Cabinets containing faculty personnel records and student medical information were forced open, and the contents scattered.

Prescott Police Lieutenant Andrew Reinhardt said that whenever a structure of any sort is broken into, it is a burglary, which is a felony - even if nothing is taken. Furthermore, Reinhardt explained, "My experience has shown that, for the most part, major break-ins at a school are either current or former student-related."

Reinhardt said that the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information can call the Prescott Police Department at 777-1988 or Silent Witness at 1-800-932.3232, where a cash reward may be available.

Damage is estimated to be at more than $10,000.


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