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Educators to Protest Potential State Budget Cuts at Courthouse

04 March 2009  

It's a good old-fashioned rally being held today to support education down at the Courthouse at 4 pm.

rallyboardToday, according to the Arizona Education Association, "thousands of parents, teachers, education support professionals, and taxpayers will converge on the Capitol to demonstrate Arizona's broad and deep support for our public schools." And it's a full day's agenda, as you can see here.

Students too, are apparently joining the protests, as evidenced by the 'Sally Gradstudent' blog, "Certain members of the Arizona State Legislature have proposed historic cuts that would devistate [sic] K-12 and university education in Arizona."

Sally Gradstudent also provides the phone numbers for the Senate and House Info Desks, as she writes, "Angry phone calls are also always a good idea!"

But, Phoenix is a two-hour drive away, and that means local educators would have a difficult time participating. And so, there's another rally taking place today, right here in Prescott. An email being circulated amongst the teachers in Prescott Unified School District reads in part, "On that same day, [March 4 - today] here in Yavapai county [sic] an invitation is being extended to teachers, parents, students, administration and tax payers [sic] to join together and march around the Yavapai County Courthouse square in Prescott, AZ."

"While others around the state stand and march upon the capital, we will rise and march with them here in Prescott. This is not a protest. My hope is that we come together in a way that we haven't been able to before. My wish is for us to walk together and show our support for each other. After all, right now support is exactly what we need."

Those taking part are being encouraged to wear red today. Another email sent last night urges, "Let's show our support for each other, no matter what grade, subject, or school. Come to school tomorrow dressed in red to show our unity... Bring a sign to the rally in favor of education- ALL EDUCATION."

As one would expect of our local educators, this is meant to be a lawful and peaceful demonstration. The email continues, "Many of you have concerns regarding permits. I have researched this point. We are exercising our first amendment right. If we are on the sidewalk, which is public property, and not obstructing pedestrian traffic we are well within our rights."

Universally, the emails encourage others to attend, not just teachers, "Remind your friends and family to come along. Spread the word. Share this email with all you can."

Lynne LaMaster

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