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A Day At The Yavapai County Spelling Bee

19 February 2009  


Tammy Linn reports on today's Yavapai County Spelling Bee.


Kelly Johnson, who ended up being the 1st Place Winner in today's Spelling Bee, stopped to concentrate before spelling a word.
I'm Tammy Linn, founder of Character Counts! in Arizona and educator at Yavapai County Accommodation High School, and I wanted to tell you about today's Spelling Bee.


This was my second year judging the Yavapai County Spelling Bee. The 59 children who competed had already won their school competition and were proudly representing their schools! So, even though many students were eliminated during the county Bee, all the students were winners.

For example can you imagine standing in front of a group of hundreds of people spelling words like "infinitesimal", "doctrinaire" or "forsythia?"

The Spelling Bee was like no other! There was a "run-off" for 2 and 3 place that went 12 rounds. All that while the 1st and 4th place winners watched.

Our youth in Yavapai County give us much to be proud of.


From Left (Chairs 1 to 5)

#1 chair - 4th Place Winner- Farron Shanahan, Age 11, 6th grade, Clarkdale-Jerome Elementary School
#2 chair - 3rd Place Winner - Phoebe Teskey, Age 11, 6th grade, Mayer Elementary School
#3 chair - 1st Place Winner - Kelly Johnson, Age 13, 8th grade, Heritage Christian Home Educators
#4 chair - 5th Place Winner - Gina Sandoval, Age 13, 8th grade, Verde Valley Home School
#5 chair - 2nd Place Winner - Becca Spiess, Age 10, 4th grade, Abia Judd Elementary

County Superintendent Tim Carter was on hand for the event, and at times he looked as if he were as nervous as the kids who were trying so hard to spell their given words. Mrs. JoLynne Richter who read the words, provided whatever additional information she could when asked, including alternate pronunciations, language of origin and definitions.

In addition to myself, Mrs. Barbara Harber and Mr. Ray Newton served as judges. The Spelling Bee was held at Franklin Phoenetic School. Mr. Tom Franklin is the School Superintedent, and Mrs. Cindy Franklin is the Principal.

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