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Local Gas Prices

09 May 2011  

Here's a new feature that will help you find the best prices on gas in town.

In this day of high gas prices, it's helpful to to know where the best price for gas can be found. Arizona Gas Prices, created by will help you sort out what you need to know.

The way GasBuddy works is this: Members report gas prices to the site, and it sorts out the best prices for you.

We're going to provide the 10 best prices here, and it will be updated daily. There will be a link on the right hand column, right under the "Twitter" link for you to find it regularly.

Lowest Gas Prices in Prescott
Prescott Gas Prices provided by


These are all for regular gas prices. Click on these links for other grades:




We also want to tell you about a couple of other great resources from Gas Buddy. For example, suppose you're about to embark on a road trip. You can use the Trip Calculator to help you know how much you will spend in gas, and where the cheapest place to purchase it is. It even tells you your carbon footprint, if you're interested in that.

Do you wonder what your gas mileage is? Keep an online Fuel Logbook. Gas Buddy lets you set up an account where you can track your vehicle mileage.

Here's a link to Fuel Saving Tips

How about winning free gas? Become a GasBuddy member, and you can be entered to win $250 worth of gas. You can also help ensure that Gas Buddy has the most recent prices available.

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