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Scout Creates Sunning Yard for 4 Raptors at Heritage Park Zoo

17 November 2017   Tiffany Brown

While working towards his Eagle Scout rank, Charlie Wells realized he could help four birds at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary. 

Fourteen year old Arizona native, Charlie Wells is changing the lives of four birds in Prescott, Arizona. He is an Life Scout for Troop 322 and working on his Eagle Scout rank and as such he has to complete a project to make a difference for a non-profit. His passion for animals led him to the Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary where he asked them what their biggest need was. The 501(c)3 sanctuary that offers a home for animals that have been wounded, have had too much human contact or relocated from other conditions informed Charlie that their greatest need was for a sunning yard for four raptors including Mr. Wilson the Owl, an American Kestrel, a Peregrine Falcon, and a Prairie Falcon.

The exhibit was built with no access to direct sunlight and faces away from the sun. Charlie took this project on with no regards to how big this project is and how many resources it was going to require. His father Tom Wells was thrilled that his son was following his heart by helping animals, but was surprised at the magnitude of the project. They have been working on this project for over 4 months to date.

He reached out to several local companies and was overwhelmed by their generosity with this project. 


Charlie hit an easy win by calling Elsea Concrete, a local concrete company because serial philanthropists, Stoney and Dustin Elsea answered the phone and immediately said they were happy to donate their services and supplies. The Prescott local Elsea Brothers recently launched their company after recognizing a need in the area. They specialize in short loads utilizing a small concrete truck that can get into tight, narrow passages and they customize the jobs to accommodate height, width and weight.

 Most importantly can get access into small areas making the raptor house project possible and less traumatic to the animals at the sanctuary. Other generous local companies include Home Depot, Lowe's, and Industrial Metal Supply Company.