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advertisingcollageYour internet ad will be viewed by two audiences:

People & Search Engines

... and they each have very distinct perspectives.

When a person sees a website, they notice graphics and color. They skim the page looking for relevant information. By associating images with words, people will remember your ad better.

But search engines - they’re different. Search engines can’t see like people can, so that image ad you perfected means nothing to sites such as Google, Yahoo or MSN. Search engines can read, however, and to achieve higher rankings, your words must be chosen with care.

That’s why advertising with Prescott eNews is unique. We make sure your ads appeal to both people and search engines.

How Do You Do That?

Simple. We recommend approaching your advertising web presence in three ways:

1. Image ads, designed to grab people’s attention

2. Code, hidden in the background, written to entice search engines

3. Stories, written about your company or special employees, to let the community know what your product is about and what it is that you do. Because both people and search engines like stories, especially if they are skillfully written.

But there's more...

We really appreciate our advertisers, and we do our best to treat them like gold. We know you need to make your advertising budget stretch in more directions than you ever thought about!

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