Today: 01.Aug.2015
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Recall: Fisher Chopped Walnuts...

John B. Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Fisher Brand 10 Ounce Ch...

Mosquitos With West Nile Virus in Clarkdale and Sedona...

Mosquitos with West Nile Virus found in Clarkdale and Sedona ...

Gas Prices Likely to Drop After Labor Day...

Gas Price Drops to Accelerate from Labor Day through Autumn   ...

Legal Challenges to Policing for Profit...

How States Are Using the Courts to Fight Against Police Taking People’s Mon...

Need to Amp Up Your Electric Vehicle? Charge It at SpringHill Sui...


Bee Good To Your Garden...

Helping Bees Find Our Gardens ...

Silent Witness Offers Reward for Hit & Run...

Yavapai Silent Witness offers cash reward! ...

Weary Chiropractic

Weary Chiropractic

Dr. Bruce Weary and our devoted staff at Weary Chiropractic Clinic give every patient the...
The Palace Restaurant & Saloon

The Palace Restaurant & Saloon

The Palace first opened its doors in September 1877. Although Whiskey Row was known for its many...
Barrett Propane

Barrett Propane

Barrett Propane is an independent, locally owned and operated propane company serving Yavapai...
Country Bank

Country Bank

Welcome To Country Bank… to a nearly forgotten way of banking, very personal, pleasant and...
Watters Garden Center

Watters Garden Center

Watters is a destination garden center focused on the very best products, styles and colors...
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30 July 2015
Helken & Horn celebrates 20 years as Prescott’s Advertising Agency It is generally acknowledged that Phoenix is the center of advertising in Arizona. In fact, many businesses from Tucson
27 July 2015
This week Matt sits down with local musicians Robin Trinchini & Stuart
25 July 2015
23 July 2015
The Martini Rant: A Stirred Opinion I love Prescott. I did the moment
23 July 2015
Is it ripe? Most tree fruits release a sweet scent into the air when
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27 July 2015
Looking for a return to monsoon rains later this week. The figure above indicates the forecasted high in orange (with error bar denoting the range of ensemble forecast members), average high for
19 July 2015
It was a wet weekend! The figure above indicates the forecasted high
17 July 2015
Look for periods of rain tonight. The figure above indicates the
12 July 2015
Chance of thunderstorms this afternoon. The figure above indicates
05 July 2015
Possible moisture for a couple of days, then things should dry out a bit.

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27 July 2015
Serving comes in many different ways.  I didn't serve in the military. But, like they say, "hindsight is 20/20", and I wish I had.  Fortunately for me, over the past 5 years I've had
23 July 2015
Kids Can Spend an Entire Day Working With Lemurs, Wallabies, and Other
17 July 2015
A Hiring Event will be taking place at the NACOG-Business Assistance
14 July 2015
The history of barbed wire is about old school home and business security
13 July 2015
Have you ever stopped to say ‘Thank you’ to the lowly cow? 

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  • The Border Crisis: Why Are People Frustrated?

     Yesterday, Donald Trump was in Phoenix discussing immigration. He struck a nerve, tapping into the frustration people feel about this issue that has been unsettled for so long. This documentary was published in October, 2014, but nothing has changed much. This video offers a glimpse into what is happening on the border.

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Bingo @ CASA (PV)
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Prescott Farmers Market- Summer
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Home Depot Kids Workshop

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