Today: 26.Apr.2015
20.Apr.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

 Three weeks for an appointment at the Yavapai County Community Health Center, can we do better?


Looking for garden beauty? At Watters, you’ve come to the right place. 

22.Mar.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

I don’t use the word ‘heroic’ to describe my job.

15.Mar.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

Is patriotism dying?


Local artist Gregg Payne shares his perspective on Public Art in a letter to the Editor.

16.Feb.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

Some State Senators got the idea to gut Arizona's Open Meeting Law. Here is the letter I wrote to all state legislators regarding the proposed bill, SB 1435.

07.Feb.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

What our community has been through in the last couple of years is beyond comprehension.

10.Jan.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

How should Christians solve the paradox of immigration?

09.Jan.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

Jim attempts to suggest lower-fat alternatives to Steve. 

02.Jan.2015 K2_WRITTEN_BY

Steve is looking for the magic solution to weight loss. Jim's not buying it.



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