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Advocate: Arizona’s measles outbreak a wake-up call on vaccinations ...

Measles and What To Do...

Health departments are bracing for a measles outbreak in Arizona. ...

Yavapai Humane Society Expands Services to Horses...

Yavapai Humane Society Makes Way to Expand Lifesaving Programs to Equines ...

Opening Statement by SASC Chairman McCain at Global Security Chal...

Opening Statement by SASC Chairman John McCain at Hearing on Global Securit...

President Lincoln's Life Mask...

Get to know President Lincoln at Sharlot Hall Museum. ...

Third Day in Misner and Warneke PSPRS Hearings...

This is the last scheduled day of the Warneke and Misner PSPRS hearings. ...

Misner and Warneke Widows Seek Further Benefits...

Yesterday was the first day of the Public Safety Personnel Retirement Syste...

Rep. Gosar Introduces Bipartisan Bill to Protect U.S. Waters from...

“Americans can't afford more economic hurdles and theft of precious water f...

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31 January 2015
Save Big! Home Buyers Only! Off Season Buying Savings This article is written from Prescott, Az. but may be read nationwide at times, so please wherever you are, consider if the following
31 January 2015
It's SuperBowl Sunday! This month, a driver will take the checkered
31 January 2015
Prescott's Tyler Bell plays key roll in comeback.      
29 January 2015
How to build a raised garden bed. A raised garden’s location, material,
30 January 2015
Rival Bradshaw gives Prescott all they can handle.........Senior Night for
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
01 February 2015
Ok, what is your prediction of the Super Bowl Score? Guidance Aviation wants your input! Football Fans! Post your Pigskin Pilot Prediction before start of game to either our Prescott or Baton
29 January 2015
Dr. Penny Wells sends out a letter to update the community on the Yavapai
29 January 2015
HISTORICAL AWARD WINNING! Best year in Prescott High School
29 January 2015
Expect rain, but not much snow. The figure above indicates the
26 January 2015
PHOENIX – Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas’ tough stance

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31 January 2015
Knee-High Naturalists Program for 3-5 Year Olds at the Highlands Center, Saturday Mornings, Feb. 14-Mar 14 Children Learning About Nature at a Young Age Has Proven Lifelong Benefits 
25 January 2015
Big Chino Pipeline Issues Revisited, Part One Five years ago, in
24 January 2015
It used to be that news trickled out over time. Now it gushes like
24 January 2015
Colleen Laukka will speak about overcoming obstacles and focusing on
10 January 2015
Expert Tips for Discovering Your Family’s History Part detective

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