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Arizona's Elected Officials Respond to President's Immigration St...

Here are the statements from our State elected officials. This may be updat...

Thanksgiving in our Gardens...

The cold vaporized summer flowers, but this pot of flowers brings the lands...

President Obama Makes His Case for Executive Immigration Action...

The Administration makes the case for Executive Immigration Action. Include...

Official Signing of Economic Protocol for GPREP...

The Greater Prescott Regional Economic Partnership (GPREP) is pleased to an...

Ortega Seasoning Recall...

Ortega Seasoning recall due to peanuts and almonds.  ...

Live Update of the Prescott City Council November 18, 2014...

How long will it take to do the City's business today? This is the las...

Home in Central Prescott Damaged by Fire...

The home will take extensive repairs before it is habitable again. ...

Gosar to Explain Tomorrow Why He's Opposing Internet Sales Tax...

Rep. Gosar to Speak at Press Conference Tomorrow Opposing Internet Sales Ta...

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19 November 2014
  A hilarious step back in time, up to the twelfth floor in New York.  The next time you happen to be in New York on a Friday night, take a ride up the elevator to the twelfth floor
19 November 2014
Puts a new spin on the old proverb, doncha think? "Children should be seen
10 November 2014
In a car accident? Keep your head. Get info. Talk to witnesses if
19 August 2014
Are you feeling burdened with debt? Here is some information to help you
19 November 2014
With the holiday season coming upon us, it's always wise to take extra
K-12, Colleges & Universities, Education News
20 November 2014
Cooler this weekend, but warming up for Thanksgiving. The figure above indicates the forecasted high in orange (with error bar denoting the range of ensemble forecast members), average high for
21 November 2014
As they navigate the rough waters of closing a potential budget deficit
18 November 2014
Watch soccer live online!
18 November 2014
The Prescott Unified School District Governing Board will hold a meeting
16 November 2014
A small but passionate group, led by Tara Scheibel, walked the Square on

Bill's Daily KQNA Newscast

  • Bill's Newscast: Another Food Recall
    Bill's Newscast: Another Food Recall

    Another food recall. 

    Misbranding on labels is prompting a recall of frozen pretzel dog products.  City Line Foods has announced the recall due to a known allergen not listed on the product label. Yavapai County Community Health Services spokesman David McAtee says these products have been distributed nationwide. The pretzel dogs had been produced on various dates from February 14th to November 14th.  A list of the products is available online at  The recall doesn’t affect Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Stores in malls, airports or other venues.

     A controversial golf cart parking structure is expected to receive final approval despite public objections.  MPM Investments is planning on building a home on Tapadero Drive in the Prescott Country Club area.  An enclosed structure would also be built for golf carts.  Residents have raised concerns over the annexation process used, but Council has given preliminary approval to this project.  Resident Martha Duncan calls this action disappointing. Duncan explains there are concerns over the annexation process used. Councilman Michael Whiting says this is a good use of the property. Whiting adds the rezoning doesn’t involve future projects, as some residents have feared. Council will consider final approval of the 9200 square foot parcel rezone at 5:30 tonight.  The meeting will be held in the Library Auditorium on Civic Circle.



    Written on Friday, 21 November 2014 00:00 in KQNA News
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10 November 2014
There will be a Williamson Valley Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, November 13.  Williamson Valley Community Organization is pleased to sponsor a Town Hall Meeting for Yavapai County District
09 November 2014
Prescott couple drive away in new Toyota Tundra, courtesy of Early Draw in
09 November 2014
Michael "Fergie" Ferguson retired from active duty and needed a new home.
07 November 2014
Are you already missing the fresh veggies and other goodies that you would
29 October 2014
Tsunami on the Square to Have a Big Bash November 8th Tsunamistas

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