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Big Brothers Big Sisters

28 May 2015
Children facing adversity need friends to encourage them through the toughest times. Become a Big, create a new chapter, change a child’s life, and have fun doing it!  Wyatt and Scott
24 May 2015
8 hours a month to a child in need can equal
18 February 2014
Seven New Members Bring Board Total to 18
24 July 2013
Big Brother from Yavapai County named recipient
12 December 2012
Presented by the Prescott Regulators and the

Child of the week

20 June 2015
A mountain looks small at a distance, but can be intimidating up close when you have to climb it. Children need support to overcome the obstacles ahead of them, and a Big can offer
19 June 2015
Subtle activities can make the greatest impact on a child! No matter what a child has
09 June 2015
The path of life has stairs, and some children can’t reach the top without positive guidance.
08 June 2015
Limited opportunities can get in the way of a child’s dreams.  Sometimes we overlook
06 June 2015
8 hours a month and an extra seatbelt in your car can give a child facing adversity newfound