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Prescott Sales & Deals is a group designed to help local residents shop smarter and share great deals they find. These prices and deals are subject to change - you might want to call the store before ...

profile pictureLaurie Hobson
Big yard sale at the mall benefiting the Heritage Park Zoo. There are in a store front that is across from Wildflower. Amazing deals :)
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Other WalMart at Gail Gardner items.
profile pictureTinamarie Cox I think there is an iBotta rebate for the Ancient Grains...
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
That's one Way to get your chocolate fix. $1.79
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Pork shoulder roast for $1.45 lb.
On Sale This Week: What To Do With All That Fresh ...
Everybody’s got fruit on sale. It’s seasonal, fresh and good for you.
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
The Prescott eNews 'On Sale This Week' has been reinvigorated! We are combining this Facebook group page with recipes and food information for all. It's your one-stop getting-ready-to-shop place!
profile pictureAshley Evartt
Walmart, across from the mall, is taking an additional 50% off of already marked clearance from the little room up front next to the optical department. Just make sure you let the cashier know you got it up front, because it doesn't automatically come off at the register.
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Walmart at Gail Gardner had a bunch of markdown pieces of deli meat. These are usually the end pieces, and they sell for $2/lb. can be used in salads, soups, wraps and more.
profile pictureTinamarie Cox
Not a sale, but worth it if you are a JCPenny shopper:
profile pictureSummer Dawn Matic
All clearance items at the dollar General on willow creek is an additional 50% off
profile pictureTinamarie Cox
I share because I care, lol...
profile pictureAshley Evartt
Target has an end cap across from the shoe department of Pampers diapers and wipes on clearance!
profile pictureLynne LaMaster Thanks Ashley!
profile pictureTinamarie Cox What percentage off/ sizes diapers?
Needing some size 5s...
profile pictureAshley Evartt I don't know the exact count in each box, but I believe they were the BIG boxes of each for like $32? The size 1's came out to 0.16 per diaper, I believe.
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Kind of late in the day for this but there's still a few pizzas marked down at the Walmart on Gail Gardner.
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Safeway also has $5 Friday deals. Here is the link to that flyer:
Safeway Weekly Ads
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
You get double fuel points at Frys on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays if you use the Summer Fuel Points pass on page 4 of this week's ad, or if you download the digital coupon to your card. It looks like this in the ad:
profile pictureKristi Rogan Boy I sure use this one ! I love getting the fuel discounts and you can use those fuel points at circle K. I did this in the Valley because I have no idea where I could find a Frys but circle K is on ... Read in full
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
You can eat really cheap if you like liver, less than a dollar a container.
profile pictureMonica Pieper Kaplan I'm sorry, Lynne..... I would not put a piece of liver in my mouth for hardly anything ;)
profile pictureLynne LaMaster Me neither, but some people really like it!
profile pictureTammy Gissendaner Cease Dog show people cook it for bait for their dogs (0:
profile pictureTommy Parsons good for fishing
profile pictureMadelline Robinson LOL! Guess I'm one of the few who actually like liver or will admit to it :)
profile pictureLynne LaMaster
Did you know that Fry's has a "Free Friday" item every week? You can only get it if you download it to your Frys card. This week it's a Hershey's Caramel chocolate bar.

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