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Bagdad High School Team Wins Pumpkin Chunkin at Mortimer Farms

02 November 2015  
Pumpkins were flying at Mortimer Family Farms on Saturday, launched by catapults and trebuchets. 

Seven teams showed up Saturday for the Pumpkin Chunkin at Mortimer Family Farms ready to send pumpkins flying through the air, competing for accuracy, distance and the best design. The main rule for the design was that all machines must be non-combustible.

Don’t know what Pumpkin Chunkin is? Read here: Mortimer Farms’ Annual Pumpkin Chunkin & Other Festivities

The pumpkins were provided by Mortimer’s Family Farms.


The event was emceed by Sharla Mortimer and Jean Lupa with KPPV and KQNA Radio. 


Each team had a color assigned to them, so when the pumpkins landed, they could be identified. 


Some teams were color-coordinated with their Pumpkin Chunkin machine.


The Pumpkin Chunkin contraptions were made of a wide variety of materials. This one, which was made of wood, got the “Best Design” award. 

mortimerfarms pc 2


Jerry explained how he designed his machine:

He even set up a miniature model. 


Jerry stands by his machine.


It wasn’t just engineers that entered the Pumpkin Chunkin contest, however. A group from Bradshaw Mountain Middle School designed their own machine and came to compete. They were able to throw the pumpkin farther each time they made an attempt. 


Manzanita MetalWorks brought their design, which proved to be highly accurate.


And they’re off!


This pumpkin flew pretty far. But it wasn’t the farthest. 


Another launch!


This pumpkin was launched by I-Corp. It went over 500 feet.


The team that launched their pumpkin the farthest was from Bagdad High School.  You can barely see the poor guy running to measure the distance.


The pumpkins flew so far that they kept the folks doing the measurements running all day. 


This pumpkin was launched by Manzanita Metal Works and hit the bullseye. It won for accuracy. 


Gable received the award for the best design. 


Manzanita Metal Works won the award for the Most Accurate. 


Bagdad High School won first place for the farthest distance at 788 feet.


Afterwards, Sharla Mortimer discussed the event:



Sharla promises that next year’s 5th Annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ contest will be bigger and better than ever. So, engineers, put your thinking hat on and figure out how to create a machine that will toss that pumpkin as far as the eye can see! Sharpen your pencils and mark your calendars now for October 29, 2016.