Today: 10.Oct.2015
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So, just how does law enforcement use social media these days? Social media can be used to solve crimes, locate missing people, gather corroborating information. But, who is helping them? Does it hold up in court? Is your online activity making you safer or a target? 


It's not enough to have a brand. Your brand must be engaging, one that people reach out to.


School and sports are starting up soon. That means it's time to be careful of concussions and brain injuries. 


Obviously, this isn't New York. But a lot of truck accidents happen in Arizona, too, including one today on the freeways in Phoenix.


So, the temperatures outside during the day are so close to 100ยบ that it's impossible to remember the cold, winter weather. But now's the perfect time to think about remodeling and upgrading your home fireplace.