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Our Business Profiles are provided to our readers as an introduction to those who advertise on Prescott eNews. Without their financial support, this site couldn't be offered for free. We encourage you to patronize these local businesses!

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From time to time, we are offered opportunities to publish content that is advertorial in nature. We are very careful about such material, and only publish that which is relevant and of potential interest to our local readers. This type of article will appear in the Business Sponsors category. Opportunities like this allow Prescott eNews to remain online and free. As always, your feedback is appreciated.

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Benefits of Cloud Storage and Computing

Can you still get your message out despite ad blockers?

You don’t have to move away from home with the help of professionals

Every gallon of propane pumped through the ‘Pink Truck’ helps to support the BreastCare Center at the local hospital

The well-known adage for legal matters is that a person representing themselves has a fool for a client. But, what if you're dealing with insurance companies, such as in the case of a vehicle accident? Should you work with the insurance company, or do you need an attorney? The infographic below provided by law firm Friedl Richardson offers some things to think about.

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