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Senator John McCain speaks out sharply against President Obama’s plan. 

Two youths suffer minor injuries from elk encounter


The film, “America: Imagine the World Without Her” will be shown Tuesday night at 7 PM at the Elks Theater. 


Institute launching Equal Protection for Indian Children Project to reform federal and state laws that discriminate against abused and neglected Native American children
















A. Prescott Chamber of Commerce - Introduction of new businesses

The Prescott Chamber is proud to introduce these new members:


  • Sparkle & Shine L.L.C.


We used the best links we could find for the businesses. 


B. Recognition of First Things First Champion for Children, presented by Jennifer Hernandez



A. Presentation and discussion regarding downtown events

With the positive results, also comes impacts. 

Positive: Events generate as much as $119 spent or more in Prescott

Negative: Traffic, noise, cleanup

Events divided into Level A, B, C, D. Level A events are the ones that create the most management by the City of Prescott. 

20 events requested street closures in the Downtown Area for 2015.

Cortez 8 events, 12 days

Montezuma 7 events, 10 days

Goodwin 7 events, 12 days

Gurley, 1 event, 1 day

Hours of operation:

3 events after 10 PM

3 events after 8 PM

7 events requesting special event liquor licenses

None of the events serve alcohol past 10 PM

3 events serve alcohol after 8 PM

Refinements to discuss:

  • Enact resolution or ordinance to limit hours of operation for events requiring street closures
  • Market/promote other city-owned facilities outside of the Downtown Business District
  • Seek Public-Public or Public Private partnerships for new venues (ie: Mile High Midle School Field or Gateway Mall)
  • Establish an appropriate fee for street closures in the Downtown Business District to offset parking impacts, reduction of sales tax collection, and to provide better cost parity with rental costs at other locations (eg: the Lakes, Mile High Middle School Field) with revenue dedicated to the General Fund
  • Consider ajusting the vendor booth fees for non-profit sponsored events
  • Consider adjusting the vendor booth fee for non-profit sponsored events
  • Conduct annual review and public outreach regarding the event permitting procedures process.


Agenda Memo


Lazzell thinks that streets should not be closed for non-profits. Kuknyo thinks that this problem could develop into something larger. 

Council is discussing the issue. We are broadcasting live via Twitter and Facebook:

"At the end of the day, Prescott is still here, because we have something different, and that's the downtown," Lamerson said.

Kuykendall points out that the policy was developed nearly 25 years ago, so its time for another look.

Our video feed just got restarted, so here is the new link:

This link will be live for 24 hours.

Dave Michaelson, owner of the Palace: "We're not against events, we just want a level playing field... I don't begrudge anyone being a professional promoter..." He points out that he spends almost $3K p/year on music fees, do the non-profits pay that? 

"I don't mind street closures as long as they're done properly," he concludes. 

Tommy Meredith, owner of the Jersey Lilly: I've never turned down approval for an event. Meredith thinks that many times the promoter is simply recruiting non-profits at 25% in order to keep the 75% difference. "You do the work for us. As long as its fair and aboveboard," Meredith said.

"I'll be involved in any way I can, I'm not against events. There's a lot of things going on here, and I don't want to disturb that," Meredith said. 

 Cost recovery isn't huge. 

John Nielson, owner of the Prescott Brewing Co, said that the only event that affected his business negatively was when the Blue Grass Festival moved from the Square to the College. 

"These events don't hurt my business one bit, they're good for this town," Nielson said. 

Brewer Stream (?) with Whiskey Row Pub. These events are seeing their sales reduced. "I definitely think this thing needs to be handled," he said. "You guys could turn this town into a ghost town if people are not clear on what is happening."

Kendall talks about the importance of the events. 

He points out that downtown Prescott is evolving and changing. It's young people that want to have events and things to do. When he opened his business, you could buy socks and underwear, or get a tank of gas. Not any more. 

Lamerson points out that every time a change is made, it needs to be thought through.

Kendall said, "Times are changing, and we need to keep the best we can, and still be our downtown," 

B. Discussion of Reed v. Gilbert effect on City regulations related to signs on public property

Discussion about signs on public property.

What direction does the council want to give on temporary signage, mostly in the rights of way?

The city has 2 choices: 1) To ban it altogether, or to, 2) Level the playing field where the signs will all have to be treated the same way regardless of the content.

Government speech (stop signs, banners on lightposts, etc.)

Campaign speech, however, is different. Includes political, events, etc.

"The more complicated part of regulation of temporary signs in the public right-of-way is, how do you enforce it?" Attorney General Jon Paladini said.

How far in advance can the signs be put up? There is no clear direction from this Supreme Court decision.

Paladini doesn't think the current sign regulations are enforcable.

But, things like yard sale signs, real esate signs and more can all be affected.

If you allow political signs to be up for 90 days in advance, then all signs can be up for 90 days in advance.

Ultimately it's all or nothing. You have another cost of enforcement, too.

Solution is that they're going to try to come up with something that isn't heavy handed. 

"The fact of the matter is that I feel the same about this issue as I feel about business licenses. Treat them all the same, or not at all," Lamerson said. 

"I don't think the current sign code as it is written is enforceable," Paladini said.


Council Memo

Summary of City Code Sections Related to Signs on Public Property